Try Jetsurfing: The Most Exciting Watersport to Hit the U.S. in Years

Clearwater Beach, FL: This wave-riding sport is easy and fun

If you’re looking for an awesome watersport that will allow you to spend your day in the sweet heat of Clearwater Beach, FL, look no further than jetsurfing at JetSurf Time. Jetsurfers use a motorized surfboard to speed across the surface of a body of water.

If you’re looking for a sport that offers:

Tricks | Speed | Water fun | High technology

You will love Jetsurf boarding. Are you ready to learn more? Call our Clearwater Beach, FL location at 727-314-5374 or visit our Reservations page to sign up for a jetsurfing session.

What is jetsurfing?

Putting it simply, jetsurfing is motorized surfing. It uses hydro-mechanical technology to let riders experience the agility of riding a surfboard along with the speed of riding a jet ski. Whether you’re a watersport daredevil looking for a new thrill ride or a beginner with a big appetite for fun, jetsurfing is for you.

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No experience? No problem

Jetsurfing is an up-and-coming watersport that just hit the United States. So if you need training, we’re here to help! At each jetsurfing session, we go over the mechanics of the Jetsurf board and teach you the do’s and don’ts to make your ride safe and fun. We also provide equipment like life jackets to ensure your safety on the water.